Consequences Of Neglecting Septic Tank Cleaning Services

29 December 2022
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A septic tank is essential for treating wastewater if you reside in an area without centralized sewage systems. However, keeping your septic system in top condition is an excellent way to enhance its service life. On the other hand, a slack in maintenance will compromise the tank's health, making it vulnerable to failure. So, hiring an expert plumber for routine septic maintenance is advisable. During maintenance, the expert will inspect and clean your unit. Besides that, they will fix problems as they emerge to ensure the seamless operation of the system. The following are the consequences of neglecting septic cleaning services.

Slow Drains

You must schedule septic cleaning services to avoid experiencing slow drains in your house. Remember that sludge will build up as wastewater enters the tank. Sludge accumulation may clog the inlet pipe, restricting the flow of wastewater. Consequently, you will notice slow draining after flushing the toilet or pouring water into your kitchen sink. Investing in septic cleaning services is the best way to ensure fast-moving drains. 

Groundwater Contamination

Your septic system will treat and eliminate waste safely if you maintain it properly. But if you fail to clean your septic system as required, you could experience a saturated drain field. Usually, a saturated leech field prevents the flow of wastewater for treatment. This leads to untreated effluent leaking and seeping into the surrounding ground. Over time, this wastewater could infiltrate the nearby water body, contaminating groundwater. For this reason, you should regularly call your plumber for septic cleaning appointments. They will offer shock treatment using biological enzymes and bacteria to expel excess water in the drain field.

Unpleasant Odors

You will notice off-putting smells when you overlook the septic system's maintenance. These unwanted smells occur after the tank reaches its maximum capacity, resulting in clogs in the drain pipes. If left unchecked, you'll experience an unsightly and unhealthy sewage backup. Moreover, foul odors may accompany a sewage backflow, making your home unbearable. These odors result from methane and hydrogen sulfide gas production, which can adversely affect your health over prolonged inhalation. Cleaning the septic regularly averts such occurrences. 

Landscape Damage

Usually, a filled-up tank has a sludge build-up. This waste build-up causes wastewater to leak into the drain field and seep into the ground above it. As a result, you will notice standing water above the leech field, attracting pathogens in your home. Furthermore, wastewater on your drain field creates sinkholes that are a tripping hazard in your yard. 

Septic cleaning services are vital as they prevent septic failure that may require expensive repairs and replacements. Thus, you should schedule septic pumping regularly to keep your tank in optimal condition. 

For more info about septic tank repair, contact a local company.