3 Signs Your Toilet's Flapper Valve Is Faulty

4 May 2023
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Toilets contain a flapper stopper. These parts sit at the bottom of the tank. They control the flow of water into the bowl from the tank when you flush your toilet. The flapper opens to let water flow out of the tank and into the bowl when you flush. It then closes to cut off the flow when enough water has passed through the system.

Like any part, flappers can develop problems. How can you tell when your flapper isn't working correctly?

1. Your Toilet Runs All the Time

Flappers open and close. However, sometimes, wear or damage stops a flapper from working correctly. These parts can get also get stuck or misaligned.

A faulty flapper might not be able to create an effective seal when it closes. It will then allow water to constantly run from your tank into your bowl. You'll be able to see and hear water trickling out into your toilet.

In extreme cases, this constant running makes a bowl overflow. For example, this can happen if you are out at work all day or overnight. If you don't flush for a while, then water builds up in the bowl until it spills out over the top.

2. Your Toilet Flushes on its Own

If a flapper doesn't work, then it can make its toilet flush on its own. If it sends down a constant stream of water, then it could trigger the toilet's flushing mechanism.

This can also happen when your tank is full. The volume of water might make a weakened flapper open when it should stay closed to make the toilet flush.

3. Your Toilet Has More Condensation on it

If your bathroom is prone to condensation, then the outside of your toilet will get these drops of water on them after you take a shower or bath. This is a common occurrence.

However, if you notice that this condensation is getting worse for no reason, or if your toilet isn't in a bathroom with a shower or tub, then you could have a flapper problem. If your flapper doesn't work, then cold water runs into your toilet all the time. The temperature of this water can create condensation on toilets that don't normally have this problem or it can make it worse.

While these problems can be all caused by faulty flapper valves, they can also be a sign of a different problem with a toilet part. To find out what is wrong, contact a local plumber. They will find the source of the problem and repair it. For more information, contact a plumber near you.