3 Ways To Help Your Septic Tank Function Longer And More Efficiently

13 March 2023
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Wastewater management and disposal can be a big issue without a reliable system. Even if you don't generate a lot of waste, you still need an efficient septic tank to avoid safety and health problems. But for it to function for a long time, you should maintain it in perfect shape. Proper maintenance is vital because it helps keep problems away. Most people find it a bit complicated, but it's simple when you know what it entails.

Poor maintenance is quite risky because the pollutants in the wastewater will definitely compromise the health of your loved ones. Various tank components fail when proper maintenance is neglected, leading to issues like the awful smell and sludge accumulation. The wastewater could also back up, causing a lot of problems. Luckily, you can avoid issues with your septic tank by doing the following.

Pump It as Recommended 

A septic tank requires regular pumping to function well for many days. However, some homeowners can't tell when it's the most appropriate time to pump theirs. It's even a bigger problem for those who don't inspect their tanks often. It's, therefore, advisable to leave septic tank maintenance to a professional because they know when it should be pumped. Typically, an expert should pump yours as recommended. Of course, the size of your household and the volume of wastewater determine how frequently the tank should be pumped. An expert inspects the amount of sludge, scum layers, and leaks to know if it needs pumping.

Watch What You Flush

Septic tanks and garbage bins are different in many ways. You can dump almost everything in the bin, but you shouldn't let everything into the tank. Some things will affect the tank's health and efficiency in a big way. Typically, only human waste should get to the tank. You can also flush toilet paper, but ensure you just flush the recommended type. Avoid flushing pharmaceuticals and condoms because they cause serious problems. Dental floss and cigarette butts shouldn't also go into the tank because they are usually detrimental. It's also advisable not to flush pesticides, antifreeze, toxic cleaners, oil, paint, and gasoline because they easily cause serious issues.

Get It Repaired in Good Time

Septic tanks develop problems that demand repair. When this happens, some people choose to repair their tanks themselves, which shouldn't happen. You shouldn't prioritize DIY fixes because they lead to recurrent repairs that eventually cost you more. Always invest in professional repair because experts are adequately equipped and familiar with safety measures. They can even tell when the tank components should be replaced. Moreover, they can quickly identify minor damages you can hardly identify yourself. 

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