Plumbing Vents: What Homeowners Should Know

6 March 2023
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Your plumbing system consists of faucets, tubs, and pipes, but did you also know it has vents? Many homeowners don't realize their plumbing systems have and need vents, but they do. Plumbing vents are vital for your plumbing system, and you can experience problems if you have a clogged plumbing vent. As a homeowner, you'll benefit from knowing a few vital things about your home's plumbing vents. Keep reading to learn these. 

The primary purpose of a plumbing vent

If you open a juice can and try to pour it out, you'll notice the juice doesn't come out easily unless you punch a second hole in the can. That's because the can needs to replace air as it empties the juice from it. A plumbing system is the same way. When you flush your toilet, air needs to go somewhere. So where does it go? It goes outside your home through the plumbing vent. Your plumbing vents provide the airflow the plumbing system needs and eliminate sewer gases created when using a plumbing system. Therefore, your system needs operating plumbing vents.

Signs of clogs

Your home might have one or more plumbing vents extending from the roof. These vents serve a vital role, but they can become clogged. You'll likely experience a few signs if you have clogged plumbing vents.

For example, you might notice that your plumbing fixtures won't drain or drain too slowly. While this problem could happen for other reasons, it will happen if you have a clogged vent. Secondly, you might notice that your toilet bubbles or gurgles. Your toilet's water level might also change. Additionally, a clogged plumbing vent can lead to sewer gases escaping in your home. As a result, you might smell these odors in your bathrooms.

What to do about a clogged vent

If you determine that your plumbing vent has a clog, you'll need to unclog it. Unfortunately, this requires getting on your home's roof, which can be dangerous. The better option is to hire a plumber. Before the plumber clears the vent, they'll check your plumbing system to diagnose the problem. If they determine it's a clogged vent, they'll likely go on your roof to remove the clog. After doing this, the problem should be solved.

Contact a plumber

You can contact a plumber if you believe you have a clogged plumbing vent. You might also contact one for any other plumbing problem you experience in your home.

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