Do You Need An Emergency Plumber Or Can It Wait?

28 February 2023
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If you need to have some plumbing work done on your home, it's wise to know if you have a plumbing emergency or if you can wait to have a plumber come to your home. After all, plumbing is a type of service you may need right away, but a 24/7 plumber will cost you more than a traditional one will, and you may not even need their urgent services.

Any plumbing problem can seem like an emergency to you, but this doesn't mean that's the case. Here are signs you have the need for an emergency plumber. 

You have overflowing toilets or backed-up sewage issues

Call a 24/7 plumber if you have any backed-up sewage issues or if you have a toilet that is overflowing. This is especially true if you have a septic system on your land because it can mean that your septic tank is busted or overflowing and you need a plumber to help manage your situation. Any black or gray water matter in your home is a serious concern and warrants calling an emergency plumber at any time.

You have a burst pipe and don't know where your turnoff is

Call a 24/7 plumber if you can't find your turnoff valve, or if you have accessed your turnoff and it's still not working and you don't know how to make your water turn off. Your emergency plumber can locate where your water's off switch is so you can stop the water from flooding your home and can then get to work repairing the plumbing problem in your home. Plumbers are not the professionals who handle the water damage, but they may be able to recommend another professional to you if needed.

You have no water in the home

If your city pipes are not responsible for the water not working in your home but you still don't have access to water or your water pressure is super low, then you may need to call an emergency plumber. Having no access to water and being unable to drain water makes your home a very inconvenient place to be, and a 24/7 plumber can get to your situation sooner than a traditional one can so you can get your home back to working order.

Note that even with a true plumbing emergency, if your plumber is on another call, you will have to wait until they are available to come to you. Click here for more information on emergency plumbers.