How To Handle An Overflowing Toilet

2 February 2023
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Your toilet is a vital component of your plumbing system and your home. So you'll need to fix it quickly if it's not working properly. A toilet can experience many problems, but a common one is an overflowing toilet. So what should you do if your toilet overflows and won't go down? You could try to address the problem yourself, but a better option is to contact a plumber. Here is a guide to help you learn more about overflowing toilets. 

Learn the reasons toilets overflow

Toilets can overflow for several reasons. Of course, the most common reason is due to a clogged drain. A toilet can develop clogs like any other plumbing fixture. If your toilet develops a clog, it won't drain. Thus, the water will spill out of it, causing a major mess in your house.

Secondly, a toilet might overflow if the septic tank is full. If you have a septic tank, your waste enters it. But this process can't work properly when the tank gets full. Therefore, you might need to empty your septic tank to fix the problem.

In addition, a toilet might overflow from a clogged sewer vent. The vent assists with the flushing process. However, a clogged vent restricts the air and suction the toilet needs when flushing.

Address the issue

You might determine the cause of your overflowing toilet, but there's also a chance you won't know the cause. If you know the cause and can fix it, you should. However, most people will hire a plumber for toilet repair. While waiting for the plumber, you can do a few things to control the situation. First, drain some water out of the toilet with a cup, bowl, or bucket. Next, shut the water off to stop the toilet from filling up any further. Additionally, you might try plunging the toilet to see if this clears up the issue.

How the plumber will help

When your plumber arrives, they'll inspect the toilet, septic system, and vents. They'll find the issue with the toilet and make the necessary repairs. This might include using a plumber's snake to clear the line. It might also include emptying the septic system or locating a clog in the drain system.

Seek help immediately for a plumbing issue

Some plumbing issues require immediate attention. If you need immediate attention, look for an emergency plumber. They'll come to your home quickly to address the toilet repairs you need.

Contact a local plumber to learn more about toilet repairs.