The Importance Of Drain Cleaning

11 October 2022
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Many homeowners think of drain cleaning after a problem arises, such as foul-smelling gases and clogged drains. However, some preventative maintenance can help you prevent problems with your drains. Here are some benefits of cleaning your drains regularly.

Prevents Foul Odors 

Foul odors are mainly associated with the toilet but can also result from an accumulation of bacteria and mold. Mold spores thrive in damp and dark corners. Therefore, your home's drains provide the ideal environment for these allergens.

Many think a regular water flow is enough to wash away mold spores. However, you should clean your drains thoroughly to eliminate debris and prevent allergens from thriving in your bathroom and toilets.

Minimizes Blockages

One of the benefits of drain cleaning is minimizing blockages. It is irritating to hear your toilet gurgling or find your sinks draining water slowly. Another result of blockages is reduced water pressure in the shower.

Failing to clean your drains allows solid matter to form in your pipes. This ends up blocking your sewer lines and causing pipes to burst. Fixing these problems is expensive. Cleaning drains helps avoid blockages and ensures you enjoy the fast flow of water through all your home's drain pipes.

Eco-Friendly and Less Invasive

High-pressure drain cleaning is environmentally friendly. Many homeowners use liquid drain cleaners that contain harsh chemicals that pollute groundwater and soil.

Hydro jetting by professional drain cleaners involves using a high-pressure stream of water that penetrates blockages and leaves pipes clean without environmental damage. Furthermore, this type of cleaning is less invasive than excavating a yard to reach a sewer line. There is no need for digging, drilling, or heavy-duty equipment.

Protects Walls and Floors From Damage

One of the consequences of not cleaning your drains is water overflowing from a clogged toilet or sink. This water runs onto your walls and floors, leading to water damage. For example, water seeps under the wallpaper on your walls or the tiles on the floor and erodes plaster. Over time, mold grows, and your walls and floors lose structural integrity.

The cost of replacing your walls and floors is expensive. Drain cleaning eliminates the threat of a clog and protects your walls and floors from damage.

Improve Your Family's Health

As mentioned earlier, bacteria break down organic matter and promote lousy odor. Clogged drains provide the ideal habitats for bacteria and mold. Exposure to these allergens can cause numerous infections and illnesses. Some molds cause severe breathing problems. Cleaning your drains regularly helps protect your family from health conditions caused by bacteria and mold.

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