Should You Choose PEX Pipes For Your New Home?

12 September 2022
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When you buy a home that someone has already lived in, you usually live with whatever type of pipes the original homeowner happened to have installed. But when you're having a new home built, things are different. You get to pick the type of pipes that are used. Copper and PVC are options, but PEX is an increasingly popular choice. Short for "cross-linked polyethylene," PEX is a flexible type of piping that many plumbers recommend these days. Here are the key reasons why PEX is popular and why you may also want to choose it for your new home. 

PEX can be installed at almost any point in the construction process.

Scheduling plumbing installation once used to hold up a lot of construction projects. The pipes had to be put in before the drywall was hung but after the home was framed. With PEX, this is not an issue. Since PEX is flexible, it can be fed through the walls after they're put in place. So, the plumber can basically run the PEX pipes at the point in the construction most convenient for them. This may allow the home to be built faster since there are fewer scheduling hurdles.

PEX is inexpensive.

Building a home is expensive. If there are places where you can save money without sacrificing quality, you should take advantage of those opportunities. PEX is far more affordable than most other plumbing materials. It's also more affordable to have installed because it takes less time to install. Choosing PEX is therefore a good way to keep your plumbing costs and overall home building costs lower.

PEX does not corrode.

Metal plumbing materials have the potential to corrode, and they eventually do. This happens a lot faster in areas where the water is slightly acidic. It's not an issue you'll need to worry about if you install PEX pipes. PEX pipes do not corrode, regardless of the pH of your water. This eliminates the need to have your water's pH measured, and it means you should face fewer leaks and less plumbing damage in the future.

If you are having a home built, you will need to choose the type of pipes to have installed. In most cases, you'll be best off choosing PEX. Talk to a plumbing contractor to learn more about PEX and your other alternatives. They can help you compare your options and make a wise choice.