Got A Puddle? What To Do When Your Water Heater Develops A Leak

6 September 2022
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If your water heater has a leak, you need to act fast. Without speedy action, that small leak could turn into something much bigger. In fact, small water heater leaks can turn into a ruptured tank. If that happens, you'll have some extra costs to worry about. First, you'll need to replace your water heater. Second, you'll need to repair the water damage. If you've never dealt with a leaky water heater before, you might not know what to do. That's okay. The information provided here lets you know what to do when your water heater starts leaking. 

Locate the Leak

If you've discovered a leak in your water heater, the first thing you need to do is locate the source. You might think you should turn the water off first, but that's not the case. Once you turn the water off, you won't be able to find the leak. Using a flashlight, inspect your entire water heater. Once you locate the source of the leak, you'll want to mark the spot. To do that, dry the surface and mark the leak with a permanent marker. That way, you'll be able to spot the location once the water gets turned off. 

Turn the Water Off

Once you've located the source of the leak, you'll want to turn the water supply off to the tank. In most cases, you should be able to turn the water off at the tank. But, if you still see leaks once you turn the water off at the tank, you'll need to turn the main water supply off. The main shut-off valve should be located along the outer perimeter of your property. If you're not sure where the shut-off valve is located, you can call the water company. They'll let you know where it's located. 

Cut Off the Power Supply

If your water heater has a leak, you'll need to cut off the power supply. You might think that the water heater will stop heating once the tank gets emptied. That's not the case though. The heating element will continue to operate, which could cause a fire. To prevent that risk, cut off the power supply as soon as you shut off the water. 

Call a Plumber for Help

When your water heater gets a leak, you might think you can take care of the repairs on your own. But, do-it-yourself repairs could cause more damage to your water heater. That's why you need to hire a plumber for the repairs. A plumber will take care of the repairs and inspect your water heater for signs of other problems. If your water heater needs replacing, your plumber can handle that service as well.

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