Myths About Hydro Jet Pipe Cleaning

27 June 2022
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As a homeowner, it is frustrating to experience slow drains and recurring clogs. These issues often cause sewer backups and contaminate your water source. Sometimes plungers and snake drains aren't efficient enough to resolve these plumbing problems. In these cases, your plumber may recommend hydro jet pipe cleaning. However, before investing in this procedure, go through this list of myths about hydro jet pipe cleaning.

Hydro Jet Pipe Cleaning Uses Excessive Force

One misconception about hydro jetting is that it involves the use of excessive force. Hydro jetting equipment uses high-pressure levels to clean clogged drains. However, these pressure levels can be changed based on the severity of the clog.

For example, the pressure will be set to a low setting for minor clogs. When dealing with stubborn tree roots, the pressure will be set to a higher setting.

Hydro Jet Pipe Cleaning Is Suitable for DIY 

Another myth concerning hydro jet pipe cleaning is that it is a DIY task. This procedure must be performed by an experienced drain cleaning professional. Water jets are capable of cutting through metals. Furthermore, you could end up blasting high-pressure water into a corroded pipe which could cause a burst pipe or more extensive damage. 

Professionals wear protective gear when handling hydro-jet equipment. Before performing this procedure, the hydro-jet cleaning professional will use a special camera to identify the condition of the pipes and other drainage systems. This helps them determine the pressure required to clean pipes and clear clogs.

Hydro Jet Pipe Cleaning Uses Toxic Chemicals

Many people think that hydro jetting professionals use harsh chemicals. While chemicals can break down the sources of pipe blockages, pipe jetting involves the use of pure water. Using chemicals with this powerful equipment could damage your pipes.

Hydro jet pipe cleaning is an eco-friendly solution that doesn't lead to the corrosion of sewer pipes. The process uses the gravity of the plumbing systems to push wastewater out of your drains. The nozzle of the hydro jet blasts water through the pipes to dislodge debris and other buildups. Therefore, you don't have to worry about inhaling chemicals that are harmful to your health.

In Closing

Hydro jetting is an effective pipe and drain cleaning procedure. However, this method isn't recommended if a tree root infiltration has caused pipe damage or ruined the waterproof coating of pipes. Before engaging in hydro jetting, a professional plumber will inspect your sewer lines with video camera equipment to determine whether it is the most appropriate method.

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