Signs You Need A New Water Line Installation

20 June 2022
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Every home depends on the main water line for a consistent water supply. That said, problems with your main water line could prevent you from accessing water. While simple repairs can solve most problems, you might also have to invest in a new water line installation. The need for a water line replacement comes with the following distinct signs. 

Clogged Plumbing Pipes

Clogs in your water pipes can never go unnoticed. In most cases, you'll experience low water pressure. Water no longer flows fast in all the pipes. While a plumber can rectify the issue, you might need to replace the main water line if the problem keeps recurring. A new water line should keep clogs from happening. At least you'll no longer have to deal with low water pressure in the near future.

Root Intrusion

Root intrusion is another sign your water line needs to be replaced. As the name suggests, root intrusion happens when nearby roots work their way into your main water line. Severe root intrusion can block water from reaching into your faucets. Besides, the roots will form gaps that can cause water leaks. 

Contaminated Water

Water lines with leaks or breaks can allow dirt and sewer water to flow into your water. So, if you notice any debris or dirt coming from your water, don't hesitate to inspect the source. You can also tell that your water line has an issue if the water has a dark color and putrid smell. If it turns out that your source is clean, your main water line probably has some leaks or breaks. As such, you may want to have a plumber replace the water line. 

Water Puddles

Have you noticed little ponds of water in your yard? Well, you are probably dealing with a leaking water pipe. If your main water line is leaking, water will definitely pool in your yard. You'll also notice lush patches of grass around the areas with leaks. That said, you should have a plumber inspect where the leak is coming from.

High Water Bills

Another sign your main water line has an issue is if your bill has been skyrocketing. Most people know how much water they use every month. That said, any huge spikes in water bills could mean that your main water line has leaks. If that's the case, have a plumber inspect your water line to ascertain where the problem lies.

All the above signs indicate that your main water line has issues. Ignoring them can escalate the issue in a significant way.

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