Cleaning Your Home's Drains

11 May 2022
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There are many aspects to maintaining your home. However, drain cleaning and care can be a need that is often overlooked by homeowners. Despite the drains being one of the more visible parts of the plumbing system, there are many things about cleaning and maintaining them that a new homeowner may not know.

Drain Cleaning Can Prevent Unpleasant Odors From Developing

Over time, there can be large amounts of residue collected in the drains. This residue can contribute to foul odors starting to come from the drains. In extreme cases, these odors may even be able to be smelled when individuals are far from the drains or even in other rooms. Regularly cleaning the drains can eliminate these residues and reduce the number of bacteria that is in the drain, which can substantially reduce the amount of odor that comes from the drains. This is particularly important for kitchen drains, but it can benefit each drain in your home.

Effective Drain Cleaning Work Can Be Necessary For Maximizing The Flow Of Water Through The Drains

If you have not cleaned your drains in a lengthy period of time, there is a high chance that they may start to drain water more slowly. This results from the interior of the drain line becoming constricted by the residue and debris that may be gathering in it. These accumulations can form very gradually, which may make it harder for a homeowner to notice that this issue is occurring. Due to this fact, they may be shocked to discover the level of performance gains that cleaning the drains will be able to offer.

Professional Drain Cleaning Services Provide Advantages Over Chemical Products

There are a large number of chemical drain cleaning products that homeowners can buy for their plumbing systems. These products will be able to dissolve much of the residue and debris that may be forming in the drain. However, they will be unlikely to be as thorough at removing these substances as a professional drain cleaning service will be. These professionals will have tools that can physically break apart and scrape away the residue or debris that has collected in the drain lines. Furthermore, these chemical products can be extremely acidic, which can cause substantial damage to the pipes. Repeated use of these chemicals can cause the pipes to weaken, which can increase the chance of a rupture developing. However, they can also degrade gaskets and seals that prevent leaks from forming in the joints of the plumbing.

For more information about drain cleaning, contact a local plumber.