Emergency Plumbing Services For Clogs, Leaks, And Other Problems

17 November 2021
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If something happens to your plumbing and you're inconvenienced, it's likely an emergency. Emergency plumbers are ready to come to your aid any hour of the night and any day of the week, so if you need or want help after business hours, you can get it.

While you might debate about whether certain things constitute an emergency, some plumbing disasters, such as a pipe leak you can't stop, need to be fixed right away or your home could sustain water damage. Here are some things to understand about emergency plumbing calls.

You May Pay Extra For An Emergency Call

If you need to call a plumber to your house on a holiday or after midnight, you might have to pay an emergency call fee. When you call the plumbing company, ask about the fee so you are prepared for the cost in advance. Paying more is worth it when you have a true emergency because you might have to pay even more to repair water damage if you can't stop a leak in your house.

Some Daytime Calls Might Be Emergencies Too

If a plumber is booked for the day and your emergency arises, you may still need to have emergency plumbing services done and pay the extra fee. You can ask the plumber when you call for help. You might be able to arrange a visit for later the same day and avoid an emergency call, which might work out if you can turn the water off while you wait for the plumber.

Ask The Plumber What To Do While You Wait

You might prevent damage to your home by taking certain actions while you wait on help to arrive. For instance, if your water heater is making loud and concerning noises, you might be instructed to turn off the water and power to shut down the heater. In the case of a water leak, the plumber might talk you through how to shut off the water at your main or a shut-off valve so you can stop water from spilling from your toilet tank or from a broken pipe.

Make Room For The Plumber To Work

If the plumber comes to your home on a holiday or during the evening, your driveway might be filled with cars and your house might be full of people. The plumber needs a place to park their truck and they need room to work inside your home. Plumbing can sometimes be noisy and messy work depending on what's wrong, so be prepared for the work that needs to be done, whether it involves repairing a water heater, unclogging a drain, or fixing a leaking pipe.

Contact an emergency plumbing service for more information.