Tips For Repiping Your Plumbing When You Renovate Your Home

9 September 2021
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If you're renovating your home and you want to put in new plumbing too, talk to a plumber about their repiping services. A plumber can usually put in new pipes while you still live in your home, and even though the process might be disruptive, they take care to control the noise and mess as much as possible. Here are some tips for repiping your house.

Decide If You'll Want Changes To Your Plumbing

A plumber can replace all of your old pipes and add pipes for a new bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen island at the same time. Let your plumber know your renovation plans so they can design the layout and have all the supplies needed such as faucets, shut-off valves, and pipes.

Choose Your New Pipes

Get advice from your plumber about the type of new pipes to install. There are a few choices. You might want copper, which has been used in piping for a long time, or you might want PEX or CPVC pipes. Your plumber can explain the pros and cons of each choice so you choose the right pipes for your home and budget.

You may also want to know what will happen to your old pipes. The plumber may leave them in place and drain them, but if you want the pipes gone, the plumber may agree to take them out and haul the pipes off.

Work Out A Schedule

If you'll be staying in your home during the repiping process, work out a schedule with the plumber for their work hours. If you're busy getting kids ready for school in the mornings, the plumber may start after your kids are gone and you're ready to leave for work, and they may stop work before you arrive home in the evening.

You'll probably be able to stay in your home even though there will be some disruption for a few days since the plumber installs new pipes alongside the old ones and doesn't shut off the old pipes until the final step.

Prepare For The Process

Installing new pipes involves cutting holes in your walls and possibly in your floors. This creates noise, dust, and debris. The plumber may ask you to prepare your home so the crew can work in your home without damaging fragile items. The crew will put down drop cloths and be as careful as possible to ensure you come home to a clean home each evening.

Talk to your plumber about all the repiping services they offer. They may or may not restore the damage necessary for installing new pipes. If they don't patch or replace drywall, you may have to do it yourself or call in another contractor once the repiping is done. Contact a repiping service for more information.