4 Key Reasons For An Annual Air Conditioner Tune-Up

13 August 2021
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Is your air conditioner not giving adequate indoor comfort as you expect? The unit could be out of tune and has become inefficient. For example, clogged air filters block the delivery of cool air and make the unit work harder. An out-of-tune AC unit is a source of several problems: poor air circulation, higher indoor pollution, and higher energy bills. You should have an annual air conditioner tune-up for several key reasons:

Improve Energy Efficiency 

An air conditioner's efficiency decreases over time, mainly because its parts accumulate dust, dirt, and grime. Accumulation of dust evaporator coils reduces contact with the surrounding air, which means the coils can't cool as they should. Dust in the air filters impedes air control, which forces the compressor motor to work harder. These inefficiencies make the AC unit consume more power than it should.

An annual air conditioner tune-up inspects the unit to identify various faults and do different air conditioner repair jobs where necessary. It restores the AC's efficiency and lowers power bills.

Reduce the Need for Major Repairs 

You can avoid major AC repairs by identifying small faults before they develop into big faults. For example, clogged air filters force the motor to run harder, leading to a motor blowout, which is a disabling fault. A simple maintenance job of a few dollars can develop into a major repair job costing hundreds of dollars.

An annual air conditioner tune-up is an opportunity for the technician to identify small problems and fix them early. This preventative maintenance saves your money, including the entire air conditioner replacement.

Keep the Warranty Intact 

The terms and conditions of an air conditioner warranty from major brands give the buyer the responsibility of keeping the unit in proper working condition. The manufacturer will not honor parts replacement claims if the AC is neglected.

An annual air conditioner tune-up by a certified HVAC technician keeps your warranty intact. It helps you save money in case you need major repairs. 

Extend AC Life Span

Any appliance with moving parts goes its full lifespan when everything is working in harmony. An annual air conditioner tune-up to ensure all the AC unit's parts are working in concert as expected. A well-maintained AC unit will last its full lifetime. You avoid the costs of replacing your AC unit earlier than you should. 

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