Should You Stick To A Traditional Hot Water Tank Rather Than Going Tankless?

6 July 2021
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While many homeowners are quite anxious to make the switch to a new tankless water heating system, the fact is that not all people will truly benefit from making this switch. In fact, the truth is that many people will actually benefit more from choosing to install a standard hot water tank in their homes. This is because while tankless models do offer some attractive benefits, they also work in a very different way than standard hot water systems. Consequently, these systems will not be right for every household. Thankfully, taking the time to ask yourself the three basic questions below can help you to determine if you are better off using a traditional hot water tank in your home. 

Do You Frequently Require Hot Water From More Than One Faucet At A Time?

Tankless hot water systems don't store hot water for future use. Instead, these tankless models heat water on demand. One of the problems associated with this type of on-demand system is that they are only able to produce a limited amount of hot water at any given time. This will typically result in a dramatic drop in water pressure if you try using hot water in multiple locations throughout your home at once. For instance, if you want to take a hot shower while your dishwasher is running, you will likely have less-than-ideal water pressure in both locations. Consequently, if you routinely use hot water from more than one faucet at a time, you will likely find that installing a traditional hot water tank will be the better option for your specific needs. 

Do You Regularly Exhaust Your Hot Water Supply?

If you find that you are always running out of hot water, a tankless water heating system may be a good upgrade for you to consider since these systems provide a virtually endless supply of hot water. However, if you do not typically find yourself running out of hot water, there really are not many advantages to switching to a tankless system. After all, if you are able to meet your hot water supply needs using a traditional water tank, there really is no need to switch to a more expensive and more difficult to maintain the system. 

Do You Make Use Of A Water Conditioning System In Your Home?

Many homes now make use of water conditioning or water softening systems in order to treat the water supply. If your home makes use of one of these filtration systems, the addition of a tankless water heating system can result in a delay when delivering hot water to your faucet. This is yet another problem that is caused by the fact that tankless models do not have the ability to store hot water for future use. Installing a traditional hot water tank on the other hand will allow your water to travel through the filtration system ahead of time and be heated and stored for use whenever you need it. 

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